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About 21Folds

A celebration of the intricacies of paper folding and the joy of wearing a piece of art. Each piece is designed with thought and made with passion. Welcome to 21Folds, where I blend art and adornment!

I create origami masterpieces that you can wear. But to me  it’s more than jewelry –  these origami pieces are the manifestation of what makes creating so amazing and fulfilling: An unavoidable wonderlust, forgetting about perfection and celebrating the wonderful, and the willingness to collaborate with our fellow human.

The variety of collections, which is the paper type and pattern, and the folds, are chosen and created in such a way that you will be able to find the collection style that speaks to you.

Uniquely Hand Crafted

Each piece is individually crafted from a section of origami kami paper. This means that every single piece we create will have a unique pattern, which means you might get a variation within the style, colour and form that we show on the site, but that no one else but you will have.

Delicate and Strong

We make it our drive to transform something as simple as a sheet of paper into something that is small, and delicate, but still more beautiful and stronger than what it was. While our paper jewelry is very light and delicate it is protected by a double glaze coat that will sustain it’s form.

Giving you Options

We hope our combination of style and collection resonates with your artistic needs.
We use hypo-allergenic findings for our earring, however this is not a guarantee that you won't have a reaction, please feel free to request a quote on silver/gold pieces to suite your specific needs.


“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” 

Albert Einstein

About the Artist

Hi, I’m Carmen and I’m the creator of 21Folds. My venture into the origami arts started out of curiosity and the need to solve the intricacies of a fold, but it developed into a true desire to create in this incredible art form. 

I believe that origami art isn’t something that should be mastered, because there is always a more intricate fold, or a stubborn crease just waiting around the corner. It’s about finding the best ways to make these creases and intricacies remain beautiful.

Apart from folding origami, I’m also a professional “Jack of all trades”. I dabble in many things, mostly audiology and speech pathology, but also business ventures in bio-medical engineering and indie publishing, working with non-profit organisations, and whatever else can keep my attention for longer than a minute! Luckily origami has that near-indescribable and intriguing magic that keeps sparking my interest every time I sit down to fold a piece!

“Jack of all trades, master of none, is better than master of one. “

Rewarding your Curiosity

You scrolled all the way through our about page! Which means you are exceptionally curious, and at 21 Folds we reward curiosity exceptionally!

To celebrate your curious nature you can now access our Curiosity Shop where you will pay a discount rate for curiosity items!

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