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Welcome to 21Folds

Your local South African Origami Art Store!

We design and hand fold Origami Jewellery sold here online!
We also create origami sketches, origami installation, origami plant swag… really just anything and everything origami. Check out our social media links for our unfolding adventures!


Japanese Collections

Japanese prints with, vibrant and striking colors, based on traditional Japanese designs with symbols that represent beauty, fortune and  life. 
These patterns often include birds, flowers, trees, animals, dragons and geometric shapes. 

African Collections

Using Africa inspired vlisco or ‘Shweshwe’ fabric prints. “Inspired by Africa, made with a technique Indonesian Batik, designed in the Netherlands, Vlisco’s heritage and design signature is a multicultural melting pot of beauty and industrial craftsmanship.” Vlisco

Van Gogh Collection

Inspired by the blue and gold colours swirled into van Gogh’s Starry Night & Starry Night Over The Rhône

Pick-up option available in Johannesburg
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Commissioned Work

Please reach out to us if you have any specific commissioned works that you would like us to do.

Read about the woman from Japan that inspire us

Kick-ass woman of Japanese history

Inspired by

Tomoe Gozen
(est. b. 1157)

Known as Japan’s fiercest female warrior. This legendary female samurai heightens the importance of female independence and achievement

Inspired by

Murasaki Shikibu
(est. 973-1031)

The pen name of a mysterious woman who lived during the Heian Period. She wrote The Tale of Genji, which is considered to be the world’s first full length novel.

Inspired by

Toshiko Kishida

One of the first Japanese feminists, Kishida was a public speaker who traveled the country during the Meiji period, speaking out on behalf of women’s rights

Inspired by

Hanae Mori
(b. 1926)

A designer who opened her own fashion house in 1951, Japan’s first and only female fashion designer to have her collections shown in Paris and New York

Inspired by

Chiaki Mukai
(b. 1952)

Not only is she a kick-ass cardiovascular surgeon but a JAXA astronaut who became the first Japanese woman to go into space in 1994.

Inspired by

Ichiyo Higuchi

The face of the 5,000 yen bill, Natsuko Higuchi (pen name: Ichiyo Higuchi) was a prominent writer and is known as the first woman writer of the modern era.

Inspired by

Sadako Sasaki

A victim of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima in WWII, this nine year old set out to fold one thousand paper cranes to grant her wish was to live.

Inspired by

Toshiko Yuasa

The first woman physicist in Japan. A student in Paris, she was forced to return to Japan in 1945, she carried a spectrometer home strapped to her back.