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About 21folds

We create origami art that you can wear, decorate your home, business or event with. Or just admire and feel inspired. Our pieces are the manifestation of what makes creating so amazing and fulfilling: Creating origami elicits an unavoidable wonderlust, so join us in forgetting about perfection and celebrating the wonderful willingness to create and collaborate with our fellow humans.

About Carmen

Hi, I’m Carmen and I’m the creator of 21 Folds. My venture into origami may have started out of curiosity and the need to solve the intricacies of a fold, but it developed into a true desire to create in this incredible art form. I believe that origami art isn’t something that should be mastered, there will always be a more intricate fold, or a stubborn crease just waiting around the corner. To me it is about trusting your instincts, following the folds, accepting the flaws and enjoying the beauty of creation

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” Albert Einstein

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