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Due to the paper print and handmade nature of the pieces, they may feature slight inconsistencies and imperfections. This does not affect the functionality of the pieces in any way. No two pieces are alike as the size of the paper and the folds always take on a different form when we create. Each piece is truly unique.
Colour and pattern variation
We love the unpredictable beauty that each fold reveals in a piece, and we believe you will love whatever part of the pattern is revealed in your piece, because it is uniquely yours. We use a small 2cm to 10cm section of the traditional 15cm square Kami paper for each piece. Due to the variation and placement of the print on the paper, the final product can vary significantly from piece to piece depending on the section paper used. Please note that due to variations in some computer/phone screens and monitors, there may be differences in the colour on screen versus the actual piece. Our protective glaze may alter some colours of the original paper slightly.
Caring for you 21Fold necklace
  • Store your necklace in a dry place, preferably in their glass display.
  • Try to not fold, unfold, flex or bend the paper, especially the longer/thinner components as they may not fold back into place and it may crack the protective glaze and expose the paper.
  • Do not wear your 21Fold products in water. Exposure to water can damage the paper art as the protective glaze is limited to outside folds.
  • Avoid exposure to alcohols, especially perfumes. This can cloud or damage the protective glaze and expose the paper.
  • Treating your necklace gently and with care will maintain its quality and appearance for longer.
  • Clean with dry or slightly damp cloth, do not put your origami products in water.
Unfortunately for hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges. However, if there are any issues on receipt of your item please contact us as soon as possible at art@21folds.com